Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Monday, April 23, 2018

EAL A10L Canadian Money

Happy Friday everyone!  You can look at the following websites and play games to help you count Canadian money.

Canada in My Pocket Song

Counting coins worksheets
Create free worksheets for counting all Canadian coins and some bills. You can choose the number of
coins, the maximum total amount, and the number of problems.

Change maker
Determine how many of each denomination you need to make the exact change. Good and clear pictures!
Playable in US, Canadian, Mexican, UK, or Australian money.

Cash Out -- Making Change Game Using Canadian Coins
Click on money icons (Canadian bills and coins) until you have given back the exact change.

Lunch Lady
Add up the prices of the children's lunch items.

Money Master
Make the given money amounts by dragging coins to the work area, or give change.

Peter Pig's Money Counter
Sort coins, find the total amount (in coins), and compare two amounts of money (in coins).

Friday, April 13, 2018

Idioms Assignment (EAL A10L)

Related image

Go to the following website and complete the Online Idiom Assignment.

 You will need to provide me with a list of the idioms and their REAL meanings on a separate piece of note paper. Write the idiom and its meaning.

Choose 8 idioms to draw as shown in the example.  Fold a piece of white paper into 8 squares. In each square, write the idiom at the top, draw a picture of what it sounds like it means and write the definition at the bottom of the square for what its real meaning is and how people understand it.

Your definitions will be due on Monday. Pictures are due on Tuesday, April 17th but you will not have any additional class time to complete the assignment after today so work hard today!