Friday, October 20, 2017

The Pearl Girl

EAL Readiness Class Period 1:

Please practice listening to and reading "The Pearl Girl".  We will be having a reading test on Thursday, October 26th where I will ask each student to read about one page in the book for me.

The Pearl Girl Audio - Pages 1-3

The Pearl Girl Audio - Pages 4-6 

The Pearl Girl Audio - Pages 7-10

The Pearl Girl Audio - Pages 11-14

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Researching Canada

Good afternoon!

Today, we are going to practice using Google Docs while researching information about the Canadian provinces and territories.  I will show you how to create a Google Doc using your school e-mail address.  You will then need to share your document with me.  I have created a template for you to use and complete.  You should use Google Search to find information and Google Images is a great place to find pictures for the birds, flowers and flags.  You must use English Google and English websites.

Here is the Google Doc you will need to complete.  I did the province of Ontario for you as an example.  You can enter the other provinces and territories into the chart and find the necessary information.  You will have lots of time to complete this assignment and learn about how to use the computer and your Google account.  If you need help, please ask!  :-)

Image result for canada